Photos From Our Travels

Sharing a handful of photos from around the world

29 Jun
Photos From Our Travels

Photos From Our Travels

We have been on the road for about three years now. Following are a handful of photos from our travels, with some brief words about the location and experience. Hope you enjoy!

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – Taken on the south end of the Galata Bridge, looking southwest towards one of the great mosques. At night, the waterfront illuminates with food vendors selling kebabs, fish sandwiches and other Turkish delights. The three boats in front are the Turkish equivalent of food trucks, with cooks laboring over hot, sweaty grills.

KYOTO, JAPAN – Taken on the path to Kiyu-mizudera, a temple on the hillside east of Kyoto. Samurai hopefuls would test their mettle by jumping off a 30 meter platform framing the outside of the temple. Many died or were maimed. Today, thousands of tourists, schoolchildren and the faithful flock to the temple daily.

COLLIOURE, FRANCE – Located just north of the Spanish border on the Mediterranean, Collioure is a picturesque little town with plenty of French charm. Mounted picture frames line up your shot for you.

LUANG PRABANG, LAOS – A buddha and his disciples are portrayed in gold, seen astride the hundreds of steps that climb to the top of amusingly pronounced Mount Phousy in the heart of French colonial town Luang Prabang. The town stretches out to the east mountain range, bordered on the west by the Mekong River.

NOPOLO, BCS, MEXICO – Also known as Loreto Bay, Nopolo is largely a resort area five kilometers south of Loreto, home to the very first California Mission, founded by none other than Padre Junipero Serra. This pool is surrounded by villas with private courtyards, roof decks and amazing views of the bay, mountains and golf course.

WINSLOW, AZ, USA – Meteor crater is in the middle of nowhere, on the highway from Flagstaff, AZ to Albuquerque, NM. It’s a fantastically big hole with a great little museum, well worth the 20 bucks you have to pay once you make the fifteen minute trek off the highway into the desert. Selfie.

BOCAS DEL TORO, PANAMA – Bastimentos is one of the islands of Bocas Del Toro on the Caribbean side of Panama. This woven fish is located at Up In The Hill, an incredible organic cacao farm and coffee house. We donned big rubber boots and hiked down the far side of the hill in ankle-deep mud through the jungle to reach the wild Lost-like Wizard Beach.

SEVILLA, ESPAÑA – We took a tour of the second most well known bull ring in the world. Otherwise completely empty, the arena floor was hosting a wedding photography session. I snapped as many photos as I could, and I think this one captured a moment.

COLLIOURE, FRANCE – A dozen restaurants or more crowd this walk through the heart of the small coastal town. Tourists come from throughout France, up from Spain and just passing through.

PARIS, FRANCE – I awoke early, heading out of our tiny flat well before sunrise. Ten minutes north to the river Siene I walked, crossing to the parks and courtyard outside the Louvre as the sky became grey and then lighter. I was alone – just myself taking photos in one of the most famous cultural epicenters on earth.

LORETO, BCS, MEXICO – We took a boat with friends half an hour north out of the Loreto Harbor, arriving at the legendary El Picazon. AliSun relaxes in a hammock before we dine on the freshest seafood, washed down by beers and margaritas. I loved the Pulpo Loco, or crazy octopus.

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