Spanish Words for Diet Considerations

Looking to learn Spanish words for help with Diet Considerations? Learn how to say and pronounce the following words – a fine-tuned set of words just for travelers. We know they will be super-helpful when traveling through Spanish-speaking regions of the globe.

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Keep learning! Following are some other categories of Spanish words. These are refined just for the traveler – enough Spanish help to get by and to make your trip the best it can be.

SpeakSheets provides printable and downloadable language sheets to our Lifetime Members with no monthly costs ever. Our members can log in any time to view all of our language sheets. Each language sheet is printable or can be downloaded to your smartphone so that you don’t incur any data charges on the road. For travels to Argentina: Languages and Travel Information, Bolivia: Languages and Travel Information, Chile: Languages and Travel Information etc... (see full list below), we can help you out and make your travels even more fun!

Learning some Spanish basics will help make your travels even more awesome. What Spanish-speaking regions are you going to?

CountryLanguage(s)PopulationInternet UsersRegion
Argentina: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
40,764,561 (2011)
19,446,326 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Bolivia: Languages and Travel InformationAymara, Quechua, Spanish
10,088,108 (2011)
3,026,432 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Chile: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
17,269,525 (2011)
9,307,203 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Colombia: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
46,927,125 (2011)
18,958,558 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Costa Rica: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
4,726,575 (2011)
1,990,833 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Cuba: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
11,253,665 (2011)
2,614,226 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Dominican Republic: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
10,056,181 (2011)
3,569,944 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Ecuador: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
14,666,055 (2011)
4,605,141 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
El Salvador: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
6,227,491 (2011)
1,101,555 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Equatorial Guinea: Languages and Travel InformationFrench, Spanish
720,213 (2011)
42,024 (2010)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Guatemala: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
14,757,316 (2011)
1,730,649 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Honduras: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
7,754,687 (2011)
1,232,995 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Mexico: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
114,793,341 (2011)
41,497,792 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Nicaragua: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
5,869,859 (2011)
622,205 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Panama: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
3,571,185 (2011)
1,524,895 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Paraguay: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
6,568,290 (2011)
1,569,821 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Peru: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
29,399,817 (2011)
10,730,933 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Puerto Rico: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, Spanish
3,706,690 (2011)
1,797,852 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Spain: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
46,235,000 (2011)
31,403,509 (2011)
Europe & Central Asia
Uruguay: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
3,368,595 (2011)
1,737,324 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Venezuela: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
29,278,000 (2011)
11,839,517 (2011)
Latin America & Caribbean
Western Sahara: Languages and Travel InformationSpanish
0 (0)
0 (0)
Middle East & North Africa

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