Frequently asked questions:

I don’t see the language that I need – will you create a SpeakSheet?

Probably! There are thousands (PDF) and thousands of languages and dialects, but half the world can be covered by about twenty primary languages. Here’s a Country List to research languages by country. Creating a new language takes us a few weeks – first we do a basic translation using a number of online tools and resources, followed by review and editing done by a bilingual speaker. Contact us today to request a language. Lifetime Members will be given priority.

How do I know when you add a new language?

When you sign up, you will be added to a Member list. On occasion, we will send out an email notification sharing what’s new. Our Members’ emails are always kept private, never shared and emails will be infrequent.

Can I order laminated versions of the SpeakSheets?

Currently, no. But every SpeakSheet is a formatted PDF that will print out perfectly on standard (USA) or A4 (UK and Europe) paper. Most business centers will laminate a page for you.

Can I share SpeakSheets with friends?

If you find that SpeakSheets are a valuable companion for the traveler, please encourage your friends to get their own Lifetime Membership. It is such a small cost relative to the thousands of dollars we spend traveling. You can make money by referring friends – if you are a Member, login and follow the instructions to get your affiliate link. If you want to refer people, but don’t want to pay for a Membership, sign up as an Affiliate for free.

Do you work with Travel Agents and Agencies?

Definitely! Contact us.

Is there a mobile app?

Not yet – we are working on creating something that really works well for our Members. When you travel to a foreign country, you can rack up huge cell phone bills for accessing data, so we want to be sure SpeakSheets doesn’t cost our Members anything when they are on the road. Also, Lifetime Members will absolutely get the app free when we do launch, so sign up today – you won’t miss out or pay extra later on!

You can currently login and access this website from any web-based smartphone or tablet. Safari Mobile Browser has no problem opening a PDF file and displaying it, where you can pinch and zoom to see any section in more detail. From Safari Mobile, you can also save to iBooks, where you can collect and view SpeakSheet PDF’s offline.