Syrian Arab Republic: Languages and Travel Information

Syrian Arab Republic is located in Middle East & North Africa, with a population of 20,820,311 (2011) and the arrival of 8,546,000 (2010) tourists a year. Are you traveling or researching Syrian Arab Republic? Following is some information on the languages and country. SpeakSheets offers our Lifetime Members printable and downloadable language sheets with no monthly costs ever. With more than 16 languages covering over 2.3 billion people worldwide, we can help make your travels to Syrian Arab Republic and beyond even more fun!

If you are traveling to Syrian Arab Republic or just looking for some more information, we can provide some Syrian Arab Republic travel language help. We also have some word categories for travel to Syrian Arab Republic. We’re always working on new languages and more travel words for the languages we do have. Our Lifetime Members have unlimited access to download and print our language sheets. We have the best language sheets on the web, guaranteed.

National Languages of Syrian Arab Republic

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Syrian Arab Republic Information

Syrian Arab Republic Population

Syrian Arab Republic Internet, Mobile and News

Syrian Arab Republic Transportation

Syrian Arab Republic Tourism

Syrian Arab Republic Economy

Syrian Arab Republic Health

Syrian Arab Republic Environment

Travel to these cities in Syrian Arab Republic and beyond!

Always wanted to visit or return to Syrian Arab Republic? We provide some great travel info for the following cities in Syrian Arab Republic.

Travel to Ar Raqqah, Syrian Arab Republic 177,636 residents
Travel to Idlib, Syrian Arab Republic 128,840 residents
Travel to Al Bab, Syrian Arab Republic 130,745 residents
Travel to Hamah, Syrian Arab Republic 460,602 residents
Travel to Douma, Syrian Arab Republic 111,864 residents
Travel to Dayr az Zawr, Syrian Arab Republic 242,565 residents
Travel to Latakia, Syrian Arab Republic 340,181 residents
Travel to Homs, Syrian Arab Republic 775,404 residents
Travel to Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic 1,602,264 residents
Travel to Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic 1,569,394 residents

Other Countries in Middle East & North Africa

Learning a few words in the language of the country you are visiting will help make your travels more immersive and fun. Here are other countries in Middle East & North Africa:

CountryLanguage(s)PopulationAnnual TouristsRegion
35,980,193 (2011)
1,912,000 (2009)
Middle East & North Africa
1,323,535 (2011)
4,935,000 (2007)
Middle East & North Africa
DjiboutiArabic, French
905,564 (2011)
53,000 (2008)
Middle East & North Africa
82,536,770 (2011)
14,051,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
74,798,599 (2011)
2,034,000 (2008)
Middle East & North Africa
IraqArabic, Kurdish
32,961,959 (2011)
1,518,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
IsraelArabic, Hebrew
7,765,700 (2011)
2,803,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
6,181,000 (2011)
4,557,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
2,818,042 (2011)
207,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
LebanonArabic, French
4,259,405 (2011)
2,168,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
6,422,772 (2011)
34,000 (2008)
Middle East & North Africa
32,272,974 (2011)
9,288,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
2,846,145 (2011)
1,048,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
1,870,041 (2011)
1,866,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
Saudi ArabiaArabic
28,082,541 (2011)
10,850,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
Syrian Arab RepublicArabic
20,820,311 (2011)
8,546,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
10,673,800 (2011)
6,903,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
United Arab EmiratesArabic
7,890,924 (2011)
7,126,000 (2005)
Middle East & North Africa
West Bank and GazaArabic, English, Hebrew
4,019,433 (2011)
522,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
Western SaharaSpanish
Middle East & North Africa

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