How To Say can we have…? in Djibouti


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Traveling to or studying in Djibouti, it can be useful to learn how to say and pronounce More Dining Basics words such as can we have...?. Located in Middle East & North Africa, Djibouti has a population of 905,564 (2011) consisting of 49% female (2011) and sees the arrival of 53,000 (2008) tourists a year. In Djibouti, they speak Arabic and French. SpeakSheets offers our Lifetime Members printable and downloadable language one-sheets with no monthly costs ever, guaranteed. With more than 17 languages covering over 2.3 billion people worldwide, we can help make your travels to Djibouti and beyond even more fun!

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In case you are traveling to other countries in Middle East & North Africa or elsewhere in the world, here are some more helpful words from our Djibouti More Dining Basics category: ...some (of)...this/thatall doneanotherBon appétit!can I have…?can I see…?can we have...?can we see ...?Cheers!Eat! Eat!I am hungryI am thirstyI ateI would like…we atewe ate well!we would like…

We provide translations for these phrases and over 200 more and growing. We guarantee our language sheets are best on the web. Here's how to say can we have...? in Arabic for your trip to Djibouti :

To say can we have...? in Arabic : Hal yomkenona Al Hosool Ala…?
Pronounce it: "hal yom ke no na al ho sool ala? "

Some more helpful words in our Arabic More Dining Basics category:
...some (of) – ...Ba'd (men)  (Bahd (men) )
...this/that – Hatha - Thalek  (Ha tha - Tha lek )
all done – Entaha  (en ta ha )
another – Aakhar  (Aa kar )
Bon appétit! – Bel Hana Wel Shefa  (bel ha na wel she fa )
can I have…? – Hal yomkenoni Al Hosool Ala…?  (hal yom ke no ni al ho sool ala? )
can I see…? – Hal yomkenoni Moshahadat…?  (hal yom ke no ni mo sha ha dat )
can we have...? – Hal yomkenona Al Hosool Ala…?  (hal yom ke no na al ho sool ala? )
can we see...? – Hal yomkenona Moshahadat…?  (hal yom ke no na mo sha ha dat )
Cheers! – Fe Sehetak  (fe se he tak )
Eat! Eat! – Tanawal El Ta'am! Tanawal El Ta'am!  (ta na wal el ta ham / ta na wal el ta ham )
I am hungry – Ana Ja'e'  (ana ja heh )
I am thirsty – Ana 'Atshan  (ana hat shan )
I ate – Aakalt  (Aa kalt )
I would like… – Awaddu  (A wad du )
we ate – Aakalna  (Aa kal na )
we ate well! – Aa Kalna Jayedan  (Aa kal na ja ye dan )
we would like… – Nawaddu  (Na wad du )
Here's how to say can we have...? in French for your trip to Djibouti :

To say can we have...? in French : pouvons-nous avoir...?
Pronounce it: "poo vahn noo suh vwah...? "

Some more helpful words in our French More Dining Basics category:
...some (of) – …un peu de  (…oon puh doo )
...this/that – …cette  (…set )
all done – ça suffit  (seh soo fee )
another – un autre  (ah no truh )
Bon appétit! – Bon appétit!  (boan ah pay tee )
can I have…? – puis-je avoir...?  (pee jhay vwah…? )
can I see…? – puis-je voir…?  (peej vwah…? )
can we have...? – pouvons-nous avoir...?  (poo vahn noo suh vwah...? )
can we see ...? – peut-on voir…?  (peh tahn vwah…? )
Cheers! – À votre santé  (ah' voe tray sahn tray )
Eat! Eat! – manger!  (mahn jhay! )
I am hungry – J'ai faim  (zhay fah )
I am thirsty – J'ai soif  (zhay swahf )
I ate – j'ai mangé  (jhay mahn jhay )
I would like… – je voudrais…  (jhay voo draw… )
we ate – nous avons mangé  (noo zuh vahn mahn jhay )
we ate well! – nous avons bien mangé  (noo zuh vahn bee ahn mahn jhay )
we would like… – nous aimerions…  (noo zay mehr ee ohn… )
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Overview: Located in Middle East & North Africa, the official name of Djibouti is Republic of Djibouti. The population is 905,564 (2011), of which 35.41462 (2011) residents are under the age of 15. The income share held by highest 10% is 30.91 (2002), while the lowest 10% hold 2.42 (2002) of the income share. There are 7 (2011) internet users per 100 people, 63,389.48 (2011) internet users total. 53,000 (2008) tourists arrive each year, bringing in 20,500,000 (2010) in annual revenue.
Population: 905,564 (2011)
Languages: Arabic and French
Currency: Djibouti franc
Learn More : Djibouti

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