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SpeakSheets offers printable and downloadable French language sheets for one low price, with no monthly costs ever. To get a taste of the words we offer, click through the French language categories below. For travels to Belgium: Languages and Travel Information, Benin: Languages and Travel Information, Burkina Faso: Languages and Travel Information etc... (see full list below), we can help you out and make your travel even more fun!

These categories organize the French words we help you learn how to say and pronounce – we have fine-tuned a set of words just for travelers. You will find them super-helpful when traveling through French-speaking regions.

Our members can log in any time to view all of our languages. Each language is printable as a one-sheet, or downloadable to your smartphone so that you don’t incur any data charges on the road.

Learning some French words will help make your travels more immersive and fun. Here are French-speaking regions around the globe:

CountryLanguage(s)PopulationAnnual Tourists*Region
Belgium: Languages and Travel InformationFrench, German
11,008,000 (2011)
7,186,000 (2010)
Europe & Central Asia
Benin: Languages and Travel InformationFrench
9,099,922 (2011)
199,000 (2010)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Burkina Faso: Languages and Travel InformationFrench
16,967,845 (2011)
274,000 (2010)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Burundi: Languages and Travel InformationFrench
8,575,172 (2011)
201,000 (2006)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Cameroon: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, French
20,030,362 (2011)
298,000 (2008)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Canada: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, French
34,482,779 (2011)
16,097,000 (2010)
North America
Central African Republic: Languages and Travel InformationFrench, Sango
4,486,837 (2011)
52,000 (2009)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Chad: Languages and Travel InformationArabic, French
11,525,496 (2011)
31,000 (2009)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Comoros: Languages and Travel InformationArabic, French
753,943 (2011)
15,000 (2007)
Sub-Saharan Africa
4,139,748 (2011)
85,000 (2009)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Côte d'Ivoire: Languages and Travel InformationFrench
20,152,894 (2011)
0 (0)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Dem. Rep. Congo: Languages and Travel InformationFrench, Swahili
67,757,577 (2011)
53,000 (2009)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Djibouti: Languages and Travel InformationArabic, French
905,564 (2011)
53,000 (2008)
Middle East & North Africa
Equatorial Guinea: Languages and Travel InformationFrench, Spanish
720,213 (2011)
0 (0)
Sub-Saharan Africa
France: Languages and Travel InformationFrench
65,436,552 (2011)
77,148,000 (2010)
Europe & Central Asia
French Polynesia: Languages and Travel InformationFrench
273,777 (2011)
154,000 (2010)
East Asia & Pacific
Gabon: Languages and Travel InformationFrench
1,534,262 (2011)
358,000 (2008)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Guinea: Languages and Travel InformationFrench
10,221,808 (2011)
30,000 (2007)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Haiti: Languages and Travel InformationFrench, Haitian, Haitian Creole
10,123,787 (2011)
423,000 (2009)
Latin America & Caribbean
Italy: Languages and Travel InformationFrench, Italian
60,770,000 (2011)
43,626,000 (2010)
Europe & Central Asia
Lebanon: Languages and Travel InformationArabic, French
4,259,405 (2011)
2,168,000 (2010)
Middle East & North Africa
Luxembourg: Languages and Travel InformationFrench, German
517,000 (2011)
849,000 (2009)
Europe & Central Asia
Madagascar: Languages and Travel InformationFrench, Malagasy
21,315,135 (2011)
196,000 (2010)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Mali: Languages and Travel InformationFrench
15,839,538 (2011)
169,000 (2010)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Mauritania: Languages and Travel InformationArabic, French
3,541,540 (2011)
30,000 (2000)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Mauritius: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, French
1,286,051 (2011)
935,000 (2010)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Monaco: Languages and Travel InformationFrench
35,427 (2011)
279,000 (2010)
Europe & Central Asia
New Caledonia: Languages and Travel InformationFrench
249,000 (2011)
99,000 (2010)
East Asia & Pacific
Niger: Languages and Travel InformationArabic, French
16,068,994 (2011)
66,000 (2009)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Reunion: Languages and Travel InformationFrench
0 (0)
0 (0)
Europe & Central Asia
Rwanda: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, French, Kinyarwanda
10,942,950 (2011)
666,000 (2010)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Senegal: Languages and Travel InformationArabic, French
12,767,556 (2011)
875,000 (2007)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Seychelles: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, French
86,000 (2011)
175,000 (2010)
Sub-Saharan Africa
St. Martin (French part): Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, French
30,615 (2011)
0 (0)
Latin America & Caribbean
Switzerland: Languages and Travel InformationFrench, German, Italian
7,907,000 (2011)
8,628,000 (2010)
Europe & Central Asia
Togo: Languages and Travel InformationFrench
6,154,813 (2011)
150,000 (2009)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Vanuatu: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, French
245,619 (2011)
97,000 (2010)
East Asia & Pacific

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“It’s great to have my SpeakSheets when visiting a foreign language country. I went to France at the beginning of the year, and now i’m on my way to Italy. What i like is i get the English, then the Italian spelling and then the detailed phonetic info. Also each category of phrases is in an easy to find box.”
– Timothy Hall, President, Eco Ranchos Agroforestry

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