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German Language Cheat Sheets

Are you visiting Germany (or Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg or Belgium)? Do you need to learn a little German language to get by? For a minimal cost, you can get this amazing set of German language cheat sheets to make your trip so much richer and easier.

* dozens of incredibly useful words and phrases
* translation and pronunciation
* download instantly
* printable PDF’s fit on one sheet
* easy to understand, easy to read
* Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Over 200 of the most essential words and phrases, such as:
* Good Morning – guten morgen  (pronounced: goo ten mohr gahn)
* Thank You – danke  (pronounced: dahn kuh)
* Menu – menü  (pronounced: mih noo)
* Train – der zug  (pronounced: dare zook)
* Bon appétit! – guten appetit!  (pronounced: goo ten ah pay teet)

Our German Language Contributor

Sabine Macke
Biography: After moving to the United States in my 20's I met my husband Greg and we live together with our two children in the beautiful Ojai Valley. Greg and I have also been business partners for 23 years. Our online video based car buying tutorials are our latest creation.
Born: Vienna, Austria
Location: Ojai, CA, USA
Website : Your Car Angel
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