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Chinese Language Cheat Sheets

Are you visiting China? Do you need to learn a little Chinese language to get by? For a minimal cost, you can get this amazing set of Chinese language cheat sheets (which we call SpeakSheets) to make your trip so much richer and easier.

* dozens of incredibly useful words and phrases
* translation and pronunciation
* download instantly
* printable PDF’s fit on one sheet
* easy to understand, easy to read
* Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Over 200 of the most essential words and phrases, such as:
* Hello – 你好 – Nǐhǎo  (pronounced: Nee Hao)
* Thank You – 谢谢! – Xièxiè!  (pronounced: Shiye Shiye!)
* Menu – 菜单 – Càidān  (pronounced: Tsai Dan)
* Train – 火车 – Huǒchē  (pronounced: Hwo Chuh)
* Cheers! – 干杯! – Gānbēi!  (pronounced: Gan Bay!)

Our Chinese Language Contributor

Fred Bane
Biography: Fred Bane is a media producer and translator living in Nanjing China. Since graduating with a BA in International Relations from American University in 2007, Fred has lived in Vietnam and then China, where he received a Masters in Ethnography from Nanjing University in 2012. Fred currently works for a non-profit organization involved in education and cultural exchange, and moonlights as a Chinese-English medical translator.
Born: Portland, Oregon, USA
Location: Nanjing, China
Website : Ameson Education and Culture Exchange Foundation
With your Lifetime Membership, you can login anytime and download printable language cheat sheets forever. Plus, we’re adding new ones all the time, all of which you get for free!

Sign up today, and get Chinese Basics, Chinese Food and all the other languages in our ever-growing collection. Our Asian sheets include Characters (excellent – 挺好), so you can point to the sheet as an added way to communicate.

Looking for just a single word and not a Lifetime Subscription? Try our Chinese travel language help page or we can show you how to learn Chinese words by category.